The gable hotels offer many unique facilities that you will not find at other types of hotels. It is a perfect short stay accommodation option for a small group of people. Bristol gables have many features, amenities and benefits that make them a good accommodation solution for temporary stays.

Spacious Rooms and AreasThe gables have a lot more space than the apartment style hotels. You will find all types of facilities in the room. The large rooms are spacious and perfect for people who do not like the small confined spaces of most hotel rooms. You will find fully furnished and even serviced gables for different budgets. The owner offers bed and breakfast service. The self catering accommodation is available throughout the year. All rooms have a TV, Internet access and other facilities that people expect in a hotel. Some gables are non-smoking throughout their property area.

Other Facilities Offered at the Gable Hotels

Private parking space is given to the guests for free of charge during their stay here. Some gables have indoor heated swimming pool. You will find a licensed bar. Elevator facility is provided for all floors. The small tea/coffee making machine is placed in the room itself. There is a game room where guests can play table football, table tennis, snooker and other indoor games. You will be received by a friendly staff that will ensure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable. The accommodation is suitable for all groups of people including the family. Being a family oriented hotel, it does not accept bookings for adult events like a stag or hen party. You are assured of a peaceful environment for all members of your group during your stay here.

Why Should Customers Choose the Gables over Other Types of Hotels?

You will be paying lower even while getting facilities that you expect at a luxurious hotel. A hotel may charge you additional fees for perks like parking, Internet and other amenities. However, you will receive an all-inclusive rate at the gables. You do not have to pay any exorbitant charges. There are no hidden charges. The furnished apartment can be customised to suit specific needs of the guests. Such customisation and personalisation options are not offered at the hotels.

Located at the Right Location

You can easily find the gable hotels with good quality amenities at prominent locations. Many are located close to the main motorways, airport and other public transport stops. Visit nearby market, mall and entertainment centres. The gable property area has a landscaped garden. The whole property is maintained to the high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

You are welcome to the spacious, affordable and comfortable gable accommodation. Your stay here will be a memorable experience due to its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Contact now if you want to book it. You can book it online using all major payment cards. The place is highly suitable for holiday accommodation. Enjoy your holiday with your family, friends or any other group. Individual guests are also welcome to stay and relax.